Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angels Gather Here

After thinking about it for a year or so and working most of summer to clear out long-stored art and supplies from a 10' x 12' backyard shed, my decorator friend Kandy came by at the end of August. We got right down to possibilities: talked about colors, the ceiling, walls & trim, etc., for this re-do and dashed about town to Sherwin Williams, hardware stores & lumber yards. (Thankfully, Larry had already put insulation in the walls and ceiling.)

Lots of decisions to make! Turned out to be quite a bit of work during September and October, but we had huge fun doing it together!

Then Kandy wrote all about it in the blog she shares with daughter Karli which inspires and informs. She explains the whole project and shows fabulous photos that continue to make me smile: "The Art Shed: Part 2"

Inside the post are links to "The Art Shed: Part 1" showing off our wildly painted floor, and to the post right below Part 1 about my New Old Green Table from the 1940s.

Yes, Colorado artists and my collage-art friend from California will join me for projects in this beautiful new space. I only wish North Dakota artists could easily stop by, too.

For the past several years I enjoyed creating personal angel sketches for people at shows in Santa Fe, Durango and Salida. I continue to create those angels for local folks and folks far away. The new Art Shed provides a wonderfully bright, happy place for both angels and people!


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