Friday, May 10, 2013

Arlene Saugstad smiles

Arlene always smiles! She's one of the world's most special ambassadors of happiness!

Now that she's reaching the big ONE OH ONE! Birthday, I can't resist reflecting on all the fun she has brought to me and Larry and to Minot during soooooo many years of living.

Of course I already did that last year, and everyone else did too, I'm sure, along with thinking about the many kinds of good things she has facilitated, plus her wonderful and inspiring friendship which has meant so much to so many.

Today I can't resist sharing the Arlene angel card I created of her and for her back in 2004. It's pretty sassy, and definitely hints at her love of dance and bright colors. Thank you Arlene for being a true friend since we first met in 1986!

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