Friday, November 21, 2008


Finally, time to start talking....

It isn't like I haven't been talking, talking about art, and making art....

I just haven't gotten around to coming here to do it! But after looking at so many wonderful blogs, I decided I better get started.

The acrylic painting above is called STARSHINE. It is about 4"x6". I will be putting many more angels on here, a few cats, some landscapes and still lifes, and who knows what else.

In the meantime, check out my friend Coni Grant's blog that has fabulous plein air paintings, great discussions on art, links to other great art blogs and some of my recent work also. She teaches an oil painting class that I attend. We learn a lot and have lots of laughs every week!

And my friend Judith Hovde, who is a world-class calligrapher, great photographer and wonderful writer also has a blog that makes me smile, is charming and always has something new. We have been making art together and having fun for more than 20 years!